Sylvain Dorey

Who Am I?

My name is Sylvain Dorey. I am a French Developer and Data Scientist who grew up under the rainy skies of Normandy. I now work between France and South East Asia to help businesses and institutions leverage the power of new technologies, especially focussing on data management, visualization and prediction.


Sylvain Dorey

I studied Data Analysis and Machine Learning at the French Engineering School Centrale Lille. This specialization was significantly focussed on statistics modeling, prediction and computer science. As is the case in many of the top French engineering schools, this study track also provided courses in general engineering, project management and entrepreneurship throughout the duration. Alongside this, I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics by correspondence from UPMC in Paris. I then completed a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics with Lille 1.


Sylvain Dorey

I started working for the financial industry, developing decision-making tools for the hedging division of Axa. I thought at the time that Mathematics was only applicable in Finance. I learned that I was wrong when I worked for the startup Nitrogram (now acquired by Stripe), implementing a machine learning algorithm on their Instagram data analysis platform.

Following this experience, I went to Laos to work with the Ministry of Transport, for the company Phoenix-ISI, where we developed aroad maintenance monitoring platform. This two-year project was where my interest in geographic information systems and web maps began.

At the end of the project, I started my own company - GeoQuants and focused on creating applications around geo-spatial data and data visualisation. A full list of my projects can be found here.

How can I help?

Whether you already know about your data pain points or just want to have a friendly conversation, send me a message.