DeepVision: data visualisation platform

L'Oréal - Data Science Department


Creation of a platform to visualise thousands of images scrapped from Instagram. The pictures are then processed through the tSNE algorithm to extract features and put them on a 2D space so they can be explored visually. On top of positioning the images in the browser, they could be filtered by likes, comments, dates etc …


The frontend was javascript using WebGL to create the 3D rendering in the browser.

What did I do?

I am implementing the frontend interface of the application, which involved:

  • Positioning of 1000s of images while keeping the application quick and responsive
  • Implementing the design from specifications
  • Implementing the filtering functionalities


2018 - Current

How can I help?

Whether you already know about your data pain points or just want to have a friendly conversation, send me a message.