Land Registration System


The GIZ has been founding the implementation of a Land Registration System for Lao PDR. The application aims to deal with:

  • Systematic and sporadic first registrations of lands
  • Subsequent registrations (mortgages, deeds, etc …)
  • Titles issuances
  • State land managements


The system is a C# Application with PostgreSQL/PostGIS.

It also uses QGIS and Python to deal with geometries.

What did I do?

For the first period I added a barcode on every land title generated and implemented the reading of this barcode, in C#.

For the second period:

  • I fixed some issues with the QGIS plugin used to insert new parcels (Python)
  • I developped the module to compute fees from different land registration applications, in C#


First period, September - December 2016: work on barcode functionalities to track land titles.

Second period, starting February 2018: work on QGIs plugin, fee calculations, etc …

Third period: June 2020 - October 2020

How can I help?

Whether you already know about your data pain points or just want to have a friendly conversation, send me a message.