Baseline study on Early Grade Reading Assessment


Analysis of data collected for a baseline survey on Early Grade Reading Assessment for kids in the province of Xiengkhouang, Laos.


Analysis and visualisations were done with Power BI.

Ce que j'ai fait

I cleaned the data, calculated indicators and created visualisations.


February 2019



Data consisted in three spreadsheets where each row was the test result for one kid.

Cleaning data

First step was to concatenate the different spreadhsheets. Headers were in lao language so I created my own headers based on translation that were header friendly (no spaces, consistent namings accross questions). Many answers were in lao language with inconsistencies, different words were used depending on the person who did the test (correct was written differently for instance).

After loading and cleanign the data, we had a nice square raw data.

Calculating indicators

I then spent time to with the project manager to understand each test and the metric they wanted to get from them. I needed to have a clear understanding on how tests were supposed to be rated to implement the indicators.


After calculating indicators, I created summary tables and graphs so the project manager could include in the baseline study report.

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